We are an academic spin-off of the University that is participated by the University of Bologna via Alma Cube.

Our slowly but steadily growing team of experienced geologists use different remote sensing and ground based monitoring techniques to address problems in the field of applied and engineering geology.

Fragile Srl provides to its costumers detailed geological models by the combination of InSAR analysis and site investigation and monitoring.


Benedikt Bayer began his studies in geosciences at the University of Munich where he graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of science.

He continued to study applied geology at the University of Bologna and after the Laurea Magistrale in 2013/2014 he enrolled in the PhD program at Bologna.

During his PhD he focused on the analysis of slow moving landslides in the Northern Apennines with space borne radar interferometry, studying in particular the deformation patterns following enduring rainfall events of the years 2013 and 2014.

After defending his PhD project in late 2016 and after a year of post-doctoral research Benedikt Bayer co-founded the academic spin-off Fragile srl in April 2018. Since then he  coordinates the technical aspects for the different projects that Fragile srl is working on.

Fragile Srl - SILVIA FRANCESCHINI - CGO - Chief Geological Officer 1

Silvia Franceschini, after a master degree in applied geology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, pursued a PhD in Physical Modeling for the Environmental Protection in collaboration with ARPA (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection), University of Bologna and USGS (United States Geological Survey). The main object was related to the definition of regional rainfall threshold for the initiation of landslides with civil protection purposes.

In the last few years, she worked as a consultant for RFI  (Italian Railways Company) specializing in GIS and GPS mapping, ground-based monitoring system design and risk-based mitigation strategies.

In April 2018, Silvia Franceschini co-founded Fragile Srl. Since then, she manages the relationships with the clients with a constant dedication to assess effective solutions in response to their specific needs and coordinates the geological activities.


Alessandro Simoni is an Associate Professor in Engineering Geology at the University of Bologna (BiGeA Dept.) since 2015.

Currently teaching Engineering Geology, Rock Mechanics and Site investigation techniques.

He got his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences in 1999. Visiting researcher at MIT, University of Oxford, University of Melbourne and others.

Alessandro participated to several national and international research projects and reported his results in more than 30 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

His research activity has been traditionally based on experimental on-site monitoring of landslide processes and includes landslide hazard evaluation and risk mitigation, soil and rock mechanics, slope hydrology and hydrogeology.

During the last decade, the use of InSAR to investigate geological processes has been object of constant development and became object of further research.

Fragile Srl - FABRIZIO BUGAMELLI - MFO - Marketing and Finance Officer 1

Fabrizio Bugamelli, after his degree in Political Science at the University of Bologna, pursued a master in Business Administration (Profingest, Bologna).

From 2001 until now, he is CEO of AlmaCube, the incubator of the University of Bologna.

From 2002 until now, Fabrizio is a contract professor of entrepreneurship at the faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna.

In April 2018, Fabrizio co-founded Fragile srl.

Due to his long-standing experience in the field of Business Administration,  he actively drives the company to achieve fixed goals.

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