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Linear infrastructures like roads, railways, but also overhead power lines or buried pipelines can span large areas and they interfere throughout their life cycle with different geological processes and variable environmental conditions.

Geological processes like landslides, subsidence, sinkholes or even active tectonic motion can significantly reduce the strength of infrastructure materials, with a decrease in their designed time-life and the request of constant maintenance or eventually the infrastructure re-localization.

InSAR based analysis supplied by Fragile srl can help on different scales and during different phases of engineering projects that address linear infrastructures.

For example, during the planning phase of a road that crosses a landslide-prone terrain, it may be helpful to decide where to build it. InSAR derived displacements data can also be valuable information during the selection of building material that may resist certain amounts of displacements.

During the life-cycle of linear infrastructures, Fragile srl offers systematic InSAR based monitoring services able to spot areas where slow steady velocities may cumulate to large amounts of displacements. InSAR analysis also permits the early detection of areas subjected to an increase in the rate of movement. It can hence be useful to plan maintenance works more effectively.

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