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Buried linear infrastructures develop for several kilometers interacting with natural (landsliding, settlements, karst phenomena) or man-made deformation processes (principally subsidence).

Fragile srl through the RAINS (Rapid Areal InSAR Survey) approach (Our processing strategies) permits to rapidly assess zones subjected to displacements in large areas.

These information are very suitable in particular for companies that manage gas because a rupture in the pipeline might cause potential explosions with several damages to the surrounding areas.

InSAR based services proposed by Fragile Srl can also be utilized in legal disputes for instance in the case of a company that supervises water pipelines is accused of a triggered landslide because of water release from a pipeline break.

InSAR represents the unique monitoring technique able to offer data in the past. An analysis of displacements occurred before the catastrophic landslide failure can in this example demonstrate or exclude the influence of pipeline water release as landslide triggering factor.

Fragile Srl offers InSAR based displacement data that can be efficiently used as input parameters into a risk-based model for the pipelines hazard assessment. These data can be regularly updated providing a near real-time buried linear infrastructures monitoring service.

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