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One of the major advantages of space borne SAR interferometry is that the SAR scenes cover large areas up to hundreds of square kilometers.

If a large area  is affected by spatially extensive deformation phenomena like land subsidence, or if multiple deformation phenomena act simoultaneously, like landslides in a river catchment, areal InSAR monitoring for natural hazards analyses provides a convenient way to rapidly assess these deformation patterns. It should be noted though that the precision and the detail of a large scale analysis is not comparable with a site-specific case study, because  compromises in the selection of processing parameters are necessary.

Large scale InSAR analyses supplied by Fragile Srl can provide precious information for civil protection purposes if active landslides need to be identified at catchment scale. Large scale InSAR analyses can also be very useful for companies that manage linear infrastructures. They  may for instance interfere with geological processes, like landsliding, sinkholes, subsidence or mud-volcanoes. InSAR-derived displacements measurements can be utilized as input parameters into a risk evaluation model for linear infrastructures (e.g., pipelines, road and railway network).

Areal InSAR monitoring natural hazards analyses can be efficiently provided by the RAINS (Rapid Areal InSAR Survey) approach proposed by Fragile Srl.

Our experiences demonstrated that this approach is capable to detect deformation processes also along vegetated and scarcely urbanized slopes where landslides often originate.

The displacement rates that can be detected with this approach are typically higher than 40 mm/year and lower than 500 mm/year.

In case of lower displacement rates and/or when man-made structures and settlements are present, our multi-temporal approach (MT-SBA) offers high accuracy and the capacity to detect acceleration/deceleration of the  deformation process.

Fragile Srl can provide the customers with periodical updates of Areal InSAR data whose frequency can be chosen accordingly to the needs of  a specific project.


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