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The development and necessity of renewable energy markets lead, among the others, to the modernization, strengthening and monitoring of existing hydroelectric plants.

Dams and levees that are used to create artificial lakes and to produce electrical energy are typically located in mountain areas. Here, both the water reservoir and the dam itself could be affected by landslides triggered on the adjacent slopes. The creation of an artificial lake may also contribute to the reactivation of an existing landslide or the development of new failures.

InSAR based analysis provided by Fragile Srl can be used during the planning phase of a dam project for spotting areas already subjected to deformation processes. The InSAR analyses permit also to monitor the displacement pattern affecting the slopes close to the dam and the reservoir.

Fragile Srl offers also an InSAR based monitoring service that can represent a useful tool for instance during the progressive stages of a flood retention basin filling. This kind of analysis in combination with piezometric data can supply a near real-time evaluation of the levees stability conditions.

Furthermore, this type of technique gives the possibility to monitor the potential displacements affecting the dam body itself. The mechanical behavior of dams and levees is strongly dependent on the characteristics of the construction material. As a consequence, we developed different strategies of InSAR processing to assess deformation in concrete or earth-fill dam bodies.

In the last few years, plain areas in our region have experienced inundations caused by levees collapse.

Intense precipitation events in the source area of the channel or the river may rise significantly the water table and hence the stresses in the levees that, occasionally, may break in previously unknown positions, causing the drainage of the channel and the flooding of surrounding areas.

Fragile Srl supplied InSAR based monitoring services can be used to map deformations occurring along levees in particular before and after periods of high precipitation. The obtained informations are suitable to prevent a catastrophic levee rupture and help significantly our customers to schedule the levee maintenance activities.

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